RPI_GPIO Door Sensors

Just got started with Home Assistant and trying to figure how out to properly configure my door sensors: I’ve got it wired up but it just shows On and Off. How do I assign a device_class or entity_id? The rpi_gpio integration won’t accept either.

  - platform: rpi_gpio
    invert_logic: true
      5: Front Door
      6: Door to Garage

You will have to use customization to apply a device class. Just one of the many inconsistencies present in home assistant core integrations. They were developed at different times by different people and there does not seem to be any desire to fix this. WTH don't all integrations have a minimum set of standard options?

Can I use customization and/or automation without an entity_id? I get errors about not having a unique entity id if I try to do anything in the UI.

Unique id is different from an entity id.

The entity id is your device’s domain (binary_sensor) dot object_id (front_door), binary_sensor.front_door.

The unique_id is a string applied by home assistant for tracking in the device registry. Most commonly when devices are discovered (though I believe it is possible to add them manually in some integrations now). Without a unique id you can not edit things via the UI. You can still use YAML though. Including customization.