RPI-GPIO Integration

Hi, I updated to Home Assistant version * Core2024.2.1

  • Supervisor2024.01.1
  • Operating System11.5

Using HACS I’ve tried to get rpi-gpio integration to work, but the only entity that I manage to get visible is “Raspberry Pi GPIO update”. Not the actual rpi-gpio integration.
I would like to build automation based on that can’t figure out how to make this entity visible (if entity is the right term here). This is a little frustrating as I had been using this integration since the core support was dropped 2022, but now don’t seem to be able to make it work after update to latest HASSIO version.
Any help as what I’m missing here would be appreciated.

I haven’t used HACS, but the source is at GitHub - thecode/ha-rpi_gpio: Home Assistant Raspberry Pi GPIO Integration.

which is the place to ask!

OK thanks, I thought that maybe someone else is having the same issue that’s why asked here. But will try directly from the source. In GitHub someone was reporting a bit similar issue https://github.com/thecode/ha-rpi_gpio/issues/231 but the developer didn’t think there was anything broken.
Thank you for your replies.

And asked you to revert and see if it still works, and you didn’t bother replying.

Wasn’t me. That bug was raised by another person. I just referred to that one. Be nice.

Sorry, my mistake. But you could follow the suggestion and contribute to that thread.