RPi hardware monitor?

I have installed HAOS on a RPi 5 with the Pineberry HATdrive Bottom PCIe/NVMe SSD and the Waveshare PoE+ HAT installed. HAOS is installed on a SSD drive and while it works, I would like to view statistics such as voltages and temperature of the hardware that HAOS is installed on. As it is HAOS, the command-line does not appear to be like a typical Debian-style BASH interface. The tools I use for viewing this on RPis running something like RPiOS do not work. At the moment, it all just works, but I would like to know if I’m risking running low on power or if it is overheating and I need to improve cooling somehow. The Waveshare PoE+ board does have an always-on, constant RPM cooling fan, so I’m not sure if I’ll have many other options for cooling, but I would at least like to know if I am at risk.

There are some stats from this integration:

Also, this one is advised