RPi POE Fan Speeds

Thanks in advance for the help. I always hate asking for help until I have spent what I feel is a sufficient time researching how to fix it myself and on this issue, I’m there.

I have an RPi 4 on the official POE hat that I was originally running the 64 bit version but due to the known issues with the fan not working, I transitioned to the 32 bit version. I adjusted it to where the temp0 in the config was 10000 (yes 10 degrees) because I wanted it running all the time and only kick into temp1 settings at 55 degrees. While the constant running of the fan has limited the need to turn the fan to higher speed, I was wondering if it is possible to change the speed at which temp0 operates hoping that the increased airflow will keep it cooler and thus further limit the time spent in temp1 range. For instance, if temp0 is 10%, can you modify that to 20%? One of the major issues is that its in a sound sensitive room and I feel like I have wiggle room on making it slightly louder at temp0 to keep it away from temp1.

I have done some research and it appears that you can decompile the fan overlay but Im having my own issues with that. For instance, I cant figure out how to mount the FAT partition to even modify the overlays. sudo fdisk -l does not return any data on the drives, it just goes to the next line. Also /etc/fstab doesnt return anything. Also, even if I could get to that point, I cant find data on the proper setting to modify and what values would work. I use the image provided by Home Assistant so Im assuming that Im on Alpine Linux and Im also having troubles finding documentation surrounding that.

Any ideas on where to go from here?