Rpi_rf 0.9.5 HA dependency error

I’m getting the following error in the home-assistant.log when i try to use rpi_rf
“homeassistant.bootstrap: Not initializing switch.rpi_rf because could not install dependency rpi-rf==0.9.5”

running HA 0.32.2
was able to install rpi-rf using “sudo pip3 install rpi-rf”

Any ideas??

here is the config i have in the configuration.yaml
****** configuration.yaml ***********

switch 6:
  platform: rpi_rf
  gpio: 17
      pulselength: 184
      code_on: 267577
      code_off: 267586

Can you post your configuration using the indentation ? Use the </> symbol in the post editor after selecting your configuration

And have you update your packages before installing ?

Use : sudo apt-get update
Then sudo apt-get upgrade

And try it again :slight_smile:

SOLVED: simply restarting the service doesn’t install the dependency. Had to actually run ‘hass’

I’m having the same issue, unable to install the dependency rpi-rf 0.9.6. Fairly new and clean install, update/upgrade reboot and all that. Can’t seem to get the rpi-rf component working.