Rpi4 : command "hcitool lescan" does not exists


I installed HA on an RPI4 4GB, with the image provided. I want to connect a Xiaomi temperature sensor.

According to the documentation,I’m supposed to run

sudo hcitool lescan

To find the device’s MAC.

The problem is, with the terminal addon (or via SSH) , I only have the “ha” command:

I know there is a lot of HA version, it’s confusing, but the doc i found seems to be the official one.

Where to find the hcitool lescan command?


SSH to the host, not the HA container.

oh, thanks. Indeed that was the login command I was missing. Sorry, and thanks for your help.

You will initially be logged in to Home Assistant CLI for HassOS where you can perform normal CLI functions. If you need access to the host system use the ‘login’ command.