Rpi4 + google coral + frigate + 4k cctv


Does anyone have a similar setup at home?
I was thinking of buying a rpi4 and adding my SSD and USB coral to the hw.

Would it be powerful enough to use for a HA and frigate? I also have 4 4k CCTV at home (but I use it for fullhd only)

Raspberry Pi 4 (64bit) | 10-15ms | USB | Can handle a small number of cameras.

As nobody knows how many camera you use and how complex your HA setup is it’s probably a buy & try for you :bulb:


At the moment I have 4 but I will upgrade to 5-6 in the future.

Are 4, 5 or even 6 a small number of cameras? No idea - but it doesn’t take into account running a HA setup (maybe even showing camera streams?) on the same machine.


It might work somewhat but will it be snappy and give a good user experience? I doubt that somehow…

Hi OP, did you end up successfully doing this? I have HA on an RPi with an SSD. I am waiting for a Coral USB. I have 0 experience so looking for folks who have successfully set this up

I got my same set up going about two weeks ago. I am afraid RPI4B struggled with two 4k cameras. I have just bought a NUC to migrate HA + frigate + coral. Report back when up and running

Did you make use of the 4k stream or only of the 1080p (sub)stream you planned earlier? :thinking:

Did you make use of the 4k stream or only of the 1080p (sub)stream you planned earlier? :thinking:

Unfortunately my substream was limited to 640…just to small … and then I dumbed down my main stream to 1080 to keep a control on CPU usage.

My RPI4 had been idling away at 7% CPU use for a few years; so >85% permanent CPU churning on the 1080 processing, slow responses, errors, blockly very delayed CCTV feeds … and forget trying to do the ESPHome node monthly compile updates! One of the objectives is to have fast people motion triggering automations and possibly minimal delayed CCTV feeds. The holly grail!

Anyway, I didn’t understand why people were using NUC! The RPI4 was so rock solid. Now i do. Or is just an excuse to buy a new bit of kit!

Edit: before I make the upgrade is their any last minute adjustments I can do to test the existing setup?