RPi4 hass.io and Aeon stick not working?

Please, advice…

Im pulling my hair soon (whats left of it)…
I have a new RPi4 and it seems to work just fine.
At first I had a usb wireless network interface, and it was detected just fine.
Never actually configured it, but it was found and I could see make and model i the logs.
So usbports seems to work as intended.

Now to the issue!
I cant get the Aeon Labs Aeotec z-stick to work.
I get “driverfailed” in the logs and cant start zwave network.
When I look at “hass.io” - “system” - “hardware” it show the…

Many forum says to use ttyACM0 but when adding zwave integration I cant use ttyACM0 … it wont accept it.
It does accept ttyAMA0 … but still cant get HA to start zwave.

Please help me, dont know where to go now!

Plug the zwave stick into a USB 2.0 hub and plug the hub into the RPi.
There is a voltage issue with the Aeon Zwave Stick in the RPi 4


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Thank you for your suggestion.
I have bought a 2.0 hub now, and try later this evening. :slight_smile:

Weird problem… if this doesn’t work I’ll have to buy a new zwave adapter.
This could explain earlier issues, even on the RPi 2 I had issues that it stopped working that was fixed with a reboot every night.

Jason you are a superstar!

Found a cheap USB 2.0 hub in a store where I live… It did the trick!

The bad part is that this is going to make my ability to sleep worse… Dont have time for it the week to come! :smiley:

Not really, I’m just the messenger. I came across that nugget researching whether to move up to the RPi4 or jump to a NUC (haven’t done either yet).

Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face: