Rpi4 home assistant does not get an ethernet connection

I just flashed an SD card with the 64 bit rpi 4 image. I connected it to the same network where I’ve been running a Rpi3 without problem.

This Rpi4 does not show up on the network, it is as if it does not get a connection over ethernet. I removed the Rpi4 and put the Rpi3 back and it starts up like usual.

Do I need different network settings for the Rpi4 or where should I start checking for errors? I do not have such a mini hdm adapter so I can not get a picture on a monitor.

The ledsen behind the ethernet ports light up a few seconds after I plug in the power to the rpi 4.

I flashed the 32 bit version onto another SD card and home assistant showed up on the network. Now flashing the same SD card with the 64 bit version and I’ll report back in a couple minutes how it went.

64 bit version works o the other SD card. Must have been the card malfunctioning.