RPi4: Z-wave USB Stick or Hub

Hello folks: Just getting started with HA and could use your advice. I want to be be able to manage about 25, existing z-wave devices (switches, power sockets & locks). I have gone thru the documentation on the site and understand that I need to get either a z-Wave USB or a z-Wave hub to connect them with HA. I have also looked at the various devices that are recommended on these pages.
What I am not clear is the difference between using a hub vs the USB dongle. The one difference I did see was the hubs support multiple protocols like zigbee, z-Wave, wifi and BT. That looks interesting as it opens up the possibility of adding them later if needed. The other advantage I could see was that since the hub will be away from the RPi4, there would be less interference.

so my question is: Does one work better than the other?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Searching on google found me a few posts on this forum that helped me decide to go go with the USB dongle. Funny, searching within the forum didn’t find those. :thinking:

I am all good now.