RPI5 - HAOS stops responding at exactly 2300BST each day

Hello alll,

Using a Raspberry Pi 5 with POE+ hat and NVME base plate. The SSD was flashed with HA using raspberry pi imager and I’ve not set anything on the pi like random scripts to perform actions at 2300BST.

Been running HA for about a month now and configured for all my IoT devices / automations setup perfectly.

I’ve started to notice an odd issue whereby HA seems to stop responding in certain areas of either the app or WebGUI at exactly 2300BST each day. Any automations that should work after this occurs do not happen, the issue resolves itself the next day but I’ve not yet pin pointed a time when.

I can’t access things like logs during this issue, in the app, I know when the issue occurs because Settings > home assistant cloud will show as “loading” (see photo) (and I don’t use this setting anyway), accessing settings > devices or settings > system > logs will give a indefinite spinning circle.

Once I can access HA what log files should I be looking at / upload here for help troubleshooting?

config/home-assistant.log.1 (previous log)


config/home-assistant.log (current log)

Managed to find these entries on the supervisor logs

2024-04-19 22:40:00.946 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.host.sound] Updating PulseAudio information 2024-04-19 22:40:00.951 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.host.manager] Host information reload completed 2024-04-19 22:49:46.403 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant.api] Updated Home Assistant API token 2024-04-19 23:19:03.887 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.check] Starting system checks with state running 2024-04-19 23:19:03.887 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for ipv4_connection_problem/system 2024-04-19 23:19:03.888 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for pwned/addon 2024-04-19 23:19:04.004 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for security/core 2024-04-19 23:19:04.004 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for multiple_data_disks/system 2024-04-19 23:19:04.005 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for dns_server_failed/dns_server 2024-04-19 23:19:04.007 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for dns_server_ipv6_error/dns_server 2024-04-19 23:19:04.007 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for trust/supervisor 2024-04-19 23:19:04.014 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for no_current_backup/system 2024-04-19 23:19:04.014 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for free_space/system 2024-04-19 23:19:04.015 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.checks.base] Run check for docker_config/system 2024-04-19 23:19:04.015 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.check] System checks complete 2024-04-19 23:19:04.015 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.evaluate] Starting system evaluation with state running 2024-04-19 23:19:04.084 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.evaluate] System evaluation complete 2024-04-19 23:19:04.085 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.fixup] Starting system autofix at state running 2024-04-19 23:19:04.085 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.fixup] System autofix complete 2024-04-19 23:19:49.504 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant.api] Updated Home Assistant API token

Nothing that I can see s useful in the homeassistant.log file

2024-04-19 22:46:04.562 WARNING (Recorder) [homeassistant.components.recorder.entity_registry] Cannot migrate history for entity_id `sensor.bedroom_famil_temperature` to `sensor.bedroom_family_temperature` because the new entity_id is already in use
2024-04-19 23:18:57.894 WARNING (MainThread) [custom_components.givenergy_local.coordinator] Data discarded: e_inverter_out_total value of 0.0 is out of range (0, 1000000.0]
2024-04-19 23:22:04.237 WARNING (MainThread) [custom_components.givenergy_local.givenergy_modbus.client.client] Timeout awaiting 2:4/ReadInputRegistersResponse(slave_address=0x32 base_register=0) after 3 tries at 1s, giving up
2024-04-19 23:22:04.238 ERROR (MainThread) [custom_components.givenergy_local.coordinator] Closing connection due to expected error: 
2024-04-19 23:22:04.240 ERROR (MainThread) [custom_components.givenergy_local.coordinator] Error fetching Inverter data: Connection closed due to expected error