RS485 port in the ShineLanBox router

Hi there,
I have a Growatt SPH6000, monitored through a Shinelink (Shinewifi-S+ShinelanBox).
I am using the Growatt integration for getting data from the Growatt server, which had some troubles in the last weeks. Now is quite stable, but it happened to fail to download data for hours.

I was wondering if anybody managed to get some data directly from the ShineLanBox, using the RS485 connection that are visible close to the ethernet plug:

it would be nice to get the data directly from the box, without the cloud server in between.
I could use an ESP32 flashed with ESPHome, reading data (if any is available) and passing to HASSIO through MQTT as with the flashed shinewifi-s.

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Hi, I’ve same inverter and same monitoring, but I’ve always problems with the server. Could I ask to you how to connect and flash ESP to rs485? Thanks a lot!