RSS Aggregator addon

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Hello community,
Thanks to Home Assistant and all the provided addons, I was able to move more and more features from the cloud back into my personal system. Good example here could be the bitwarden addon.

One thing I am missing though is an RSS aggregator, hosted at home.

There are docker container out there, providing open source RSS aggregator solutions (, but I have to admit I failed multiple times installing such a container, due to the lack of knowledge.

Now my question. Is anybody already running an RSS aggregator solution at home, ideally inside docker, next to Home Assistant? Is anybody having such a request at all?
Would love to hear some recommendations or tips on how to proceed here.

Have a nice day!

I use to run TTRss…free self hosted Feed agregator…until I moved to Hassio
Its dockerized now and there has to be a way to install it or make it an Addon:

Ill be on the look if I figure it out.

have you seen this:
Im going to start looking at it and see if I can figure it out.

Also: TTRSS instructions here:
but still havent been able to figure out the installation :frowning:

Had a look at both, even started creating a tt-rss addon.
The problem is the complexity, PHP, database, dependencies, updates, etc. Feels like a rabbit hole. :frowning:

Published my current state to github, just in case anyone is interested:

Got it to work?