RSS feed of HA data in Kodi

An example config for showing your Home Assistant data in Kodi, I don’t why it took me so long to getting around to this.

    - title: "Garden Patch: {% if is_state('sensor.garden_patch_temp.state','unknown') %}---{% else %}{{states.sensor.garden_patch_temp.state}} °C{% endif %}"
    - title: "Front Door: {% if is_state('sensor.miflora_5_temperature.state','unknown') %}---{% else %}{{states.sensor.miflora_5_temperature.state}} °C{% endif %}"
    - title: "Back Door: {% if is_state('sensor.miflora_4_temperature.state','unknown') %}---{% else %}{{states.sensor.miflora_4_temperature.state}} °C{% endif %}" 

It goes into your configuration.yaml

Then under the ‘Interface’ section in Kodi, and under ‘Other’ look for ‘Show RSS news feeds’ and activate that.

Next, click ‘Edit’, remove any feeds you don’t want (a number of them are pre-installed), click ‘Add’, and enter the feed like below, amending your IP as needed. Kodi doesn’t like using ‘localhost’:

You’ll be prompted to choose a refresh time in minutes, and then you’re set.