[rtl_433 add-on] Confusing startup messages

Can anyone shed some light on this… I’m using the rtl_433 add-on. When started, it gives the following messages:

[21:52:59] INFO: The mqtt addon is not available.
[21:52:59] INFO: Manually update the output line in the configuration file with mqtt connection settings, and restart the addon.
[21:52:59] WARNING: rtl_433 now supports automatic configuration and multiple radios. The rtl_433_conf_file option is deprecated. See the documentation for migration instructions

The first line is ok, I have an external mqtt broker. The second line says to add the mqtt broker to the config, that’s also ok. Then the 3rd line says that the config is deprecated… It refers to migration instructions but I haven’t been able to find any.

Where did you get this addon? It doesn’t seem to be standard addon on my system.

IN you Config Folder there is a rtl_433 folder

in there there a config file


you need to edit this file with your config setting

Thanks, I know how to configure it – I’ve been running the addon for a year or so.
It is just the messages I mentioned in the OP that make me curious.

Ask whoever wrote the addon, on their github.