Rtl_433 addon - Can't get the protocol I need

tldr: How do I access the “missing” protocols (above 223) that seem to exist in rtl_433 master but wont register with the HA addon?

I have been round and round on this one a while so hoping one of you can help. I am trying to use rtl_433 to pick up my Govee leak detectors. It seems like some time over the past year Govee updated the protocol which led to an update to rtl_433 such that there are now two Govee decoding protocols: 192 and 231 (see official rtl_433 documentation here: rtl_433 )

However, the home assistant add-on only seems to go up to 223, from logs:

[rtl_433] Registered 175 out of 223 device decoding protocols [ 1-4 8 11-12 15-17 19-23 25-26 29-36 38-58 63 67-71 73-81 83-87 91-94 96-100 102-105 108-109 111-116 119 121 124-128 130-139 141-149 151-155 157-161 163-167 170-175 177-179 181-185 187-191 193-197 199 202 204-215 217-223 ]

and when I try and add 231, the addon crashes. I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do here - it looks like I am using the latest version of rtl_433:

rtl_433 version 22.11 branch at 202211191645 inputs file rtl_tcp RTL-SDR

And I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the addon. Any thoughts?

I installed the “rtl_433 (next)” addon. I noticed it had some extra protocols in there to get my ecowitt soil moisture sensors working. Give that a shot.

I feel like this could be the right answer, but I am almost certainly doing something wrong. How are you supposed to use the “next” addon?

When I install and start the next addon, it runs but immediately stops (logs dont indicate any errors):

[rtl_433] rtl_433 version nightly-7-gcb8e8953 branch master at 202307061126 inputs file rtl_tcp RTL-SDR
[rtl_433] Use -h for usage help and see https://triq.org/ for documentation.
[rtl_433] MQTT: Publishing MQTT data to core-mosquitto port 1883
[rtl_433] MQTT: Publishing device info to MQTT topic "rtl_433/9b13b3f4-rtl433-next/devices[/type][/model][/subtype][/channel][/id]".
[rtl_433] MQTT: Publishing events info to MQTT topic "rtl_433/9b13b3f4-rtl433-next/events".
[rtl_433] MQTT: Publishing states info to MQTT topic "rtl_433/9b13b3f4-rtl433-next/states".
[rtl_433] Use "-F log" if you want any messages, warnings, and errors in the console.
[rtl_433] Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner
[rtl_433] Exact sample rate is: 250000.000414 Hz
[rtl_433] [R82XX] PLL not locked!
[rtl_433] Allocating 15 zero-copy buffers
[rtl_433] bitbuffer_add_bit: Warning: row count limit (50 rows) reached

And if I try and run the original 433 addon, thinking maybe this is just an installer afterwards I get an error:

[rtl_433] usb_claim_interface error -6

That doesn’t disappear until I un-install the next addon again. However, what I can tell is that it is still using the same version as before (did not update).

How did you get the next addon to work?

The next addon is just an updated version of the addon. Uninstall the original and only install the next. (I’m not sure if it may be failing because the original is claiming the device).

Once done you should have access to all of the extra protocols.

Did you find a solution to this problem?