RTL_SDR Troubles

Hello all,

I’m a noob with HA, but I’ve been with it since January. I came over from SmartThings and got tired of the never ending problems with ST. I have many zwave devices, I’ve flashed a handful of tasmota switches and my newest project is the rtl_sdr.

I have an intrusion detection panel that has a TAKE-345 on it that transmits to a 2gig panel. This works - by itself, but I want to integrate it with HA.

So here’s the crappy part, I’ve figured out how to get it working through the rtl_433 add on, but I think I added an rtl_sdr add on as well (maybe I didn’t, but i had the mbernan github files in a directory on HA). It started acting up, so like a dummy, I uninstalled the add-ons and deleted the directories. Now I’m stuck and can’t seem to get anything working again.

I’ve read and read, and come up empty handed on exactly WHAT to add. All I’ve got now is the rtl_433 add on, the rtl_433 autodiscovery add on and mqtt / mosquitto broker. I feel like I need something in there that defines what the ‘protocol 70’ is that is on the 345MHz. Do I need to install the github from mbernan? Lastly, how is that done since my HA is the home assistant operating system (linux commands seem crippled through terminal).

I thought I’ve done the HA 101 crash course, and I am constantly reading on how to get better, but there are so many things whipping my butt now with HA. Thanks for reading.