RTPS-DDS protocol expertise, RTI. Opendds

I have an cloud based integration for the Lennox S30. I have determined via wireshark that their IOS app uses this RTPS UDP protocol to talk directly to the thermostat when it’s in on the same LAN as the thermostat. So, it’d be great if the integration could use this rather than a cloud connection.

About a decade ago, we were working with a company called RTI to integrate DDS into our product - that initiative fell apart. I recall the protocol being immensely complex…yet powerful…I was hoping to see some simple local REST calls in wireshark…

Anyways, does anyone here have experience using DDS? Trying to find a starting point.


I have some experience with DDS in the context of https://www.ros.org/. It’s used as their middleware since version 2.

They support multiple DDS vendors and at least one of them, Eclipse’s Cyclone DDS, has some python bindings. I haven’t tried them but they might serve as a starting point for Home Assistant integration.

Thanks for the note, that is a helpful link, and good to know that community is using DDS.

RTI now has a free python “Connector” which is very easy to get started with. Obviously doesn’t do all the fancy complex stuff Connext does but we don’t need all that for the simple stuff :wink:

Thanks, I will check that out.