RTS to Home assistant


So I bought somfy blinds, which finally got instakled today, however I just noticed I can’t even control it through my phone, only with a remote even though I paid $600 PER MOTOR. So before complaining to my dealer which I know it won’t do any difference since I live in an almost 3rd world country, what route are you guys usually using to integrate it to HASS? Buying a somfy mylink on each room? Sounds outrageous, but I’m too deep already to just use it with controllers.

I have been searching a lot, and excuse my ignorance, willing to learn from any links or whatever is best/possible. All info I got about the motors are that are LT50E

Thanks a lot!


Thanks, they don’t ship to the US, but should I order all the pieces from the kit and be able to build a solution for my problem, since I have a freight forwarder from USA to my country, it will take 3-5 weeks extra to be delivered(good time to learn while it arrives I guess), and would really suck to wait and later find out I missed a simple component. Thanks a lot for the help and patience. Highly appreciate it.