RTSP Doorbells - Any good options?

Hi all,

I’m on the lookout for a new doorbell, I have been searching for something that has native RTSP (or one that can be hacked to provide RTSP) and can be integrated into HA using MQTT.

My requirements are:-

  • I really don’t want anything that is going to the cloud, or relies to connecting HA to the cloud to retrieve notifications / video feeds.
  • I’d also like to have it wired (power), so no need for changing batteries… POE would be a bonus, but not essential.
  • Swappable faceplates / available in white or silver… lots seem to be black… not great when you have a white door :slight_smile:

From my searching the only ones I’ve come across that even come close are the EZViz / Hikvision DB1 and the Amcrest AD110 - which seem to have mixed feedback and seem to be hard to come by in the UK.

Are there any other options out there that I’m missing ?

At the risk of talking with myself, I just stumbled on the XTU J5 which reportedly supports RTSP and OVIF out of the box, it’s also wired which is another plus.

Has anyone has experience with this doorbell, or know if the bell push can be integrated with HA ?

I have the Amcrest AD110 and Im very pleased with it, rtsp and mains / poe powered was must haves for me. Have it configured both In home assistant and blue iris constantly streaming.

Kind regards,