RTSP EZVIZ eLife camera integration

Hello All,
trying to integrate a couple of EZVIZ eLife camera in HA.

In the Integration interface, HA correctly discovered the camera but when i try to configure the RTSP (using as username = “admin” and Password = “Verification Code provided in the camera sticker”) the system show the following message: “HOST or IP not valid”.

Could you help me? the entity are in place but i’m not able to see the camera flow in the ui.

thank you in advance!


i have the same problem, did somebody solved it?


This thread is quite old now, surely someone knows the answer to our problems?
In my case I have Doorbell DBC1 with a chime and same as above does not accept the code as a password… Does anyone know a workaround?

i have the same problem. the integration finds the camera but is unable to configure .

The EZVIZ integration still does not allow retrieving eLife video feeds in Home Assistant? What’s the purpose of it? If someone has a workaround, I’m interested.