Rtsp impossible

Hi, i bought a fredi cam but i cannot find the rtsp address.
I tried all common address
It works only app and browser

Can help me?

Take a look at the source of the web page in your browser.

But not work
I also set admin and password

i know it’s an older post but it may help someone else.
I purchased one of these because it was really cheap.

There is a RTSP feed its rtsp://admin:123456@YOURIP:554
there is also ONVIF support on port 80, which works with ONVIF Device Manager but I can’t get that to work with HA.

Hope it helps someone

thanks for sharing but I cannot access neither to this cam… I tried to telnet but without no luck at all.
I have also tried several users (admin, root user, none, UID of the cam) and several passwords.
@Snow_Syfer can you share how did you achieve to get access via browser? (for me is only working via APP)