RTSP video playback player functionality for NVRs

I have a Network Video Recorder (NVR) device for CCTV cameras that records and stores camera feeds on its internal hard drive. I’ve successfully integrated all camera feeds into Home Assistant using RTSP links and WebRTC, and the live feed integration is working well.

Recently, when contacting the manufacturer, I received an additional RTSP link for viewing previous recordings. The format of this RTSP link is as follows: `


This link includes a timestamp, and changing it allows me to play the video from the selected time.

Certainly! Here’s the revised last sentence:

I am having trouble adding the playback functionality to Home Assistant, which means I have to use additional software whenever I want to view previous recordings. Is there a solution or service available for integrating this kind of functionality into Home Assistant?
Thank you, everyone!

Generic camera allows you to integrate any RTSP camera in HA