Ruckus Unleashed Device Tracker


I’m trying to setup my Ruckus Unleashed AP as a device tracker, I cannot however seem to find the OID to use for snmp, does anyone know the OID for Ruckus Unleashed? (Not Ruckus ZD) or some other way to use it as a device tracker?


SNMP enumeration could help, like snmpwalk.

Did you manage to solve this? Im interested!

Nope I gave up in the end.

I even tried stuff such as using a logserver, but the logging is inconsistent so that wasn’t reliable either.

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Anyone figured this out yet?

I was looking at buying a couple of Ruckus APs does this work alright?

I unfortunately haven’t gotten it to work, it seems like some combination in my configuration makes it lock up, preventing the ssh call from returning.

I did however test it on a new instance where it worked as intended, so depending on what else you are using, it may or may not work.

I have a R310 and I use baseoid:


How do you configure the component?