Rumor of HA discontinuing YAML

I have been hearing several comments in various places of the community that HA is going to or planning to discontinue YAML. I thought it was best for me to post here and see if there were any others like myself that will be sad if that actually happens. Personally, I think UI editing is a good way to start learning HA, but the real magic happens in the YAML. Please don’t go… Anyone else devoted programmers like me that want YAML to stay? Please vote.
And BTW, a shout out to all of the developers of HA. Everything you do is wonderful and does not go unappreciated!

Completely removing code editor would be sad indeed, replacing it with a different code editor might be alright, any more details on your rumour?

This is an old topic/rumor. YAML used for adding integrations has been slowly moving to UI for years. YAML used for anything else has only been improved upon and has received plenty of attention. YAML isn’t going anywhere.