Run an Alexa announcement on all devices

Hello to all Amazon Alexa users.

Without playing comparisons, as a developer of the Alexa-API plugin on Jeedom, I had integrated a feature that allowed you to launch an ad on all devices.
Amazon has repeatedly changed tack on its non-public and undocumented API to achieve this. Finally, I had to use the “Talk to Alexa” feature and as by voice, I sent her “Alexa Announcement at the table”.

I come to look on Home Assistant how this is achieved.
I have not seen an Announcement command anywhere, I wonder if putting all the echoes in a message is not a way of saturating the system if the integration must send them one by one.

What is your feedback on your attempts to launch an ad?

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Interesting question because so far I have only been able to send notifications to individual Alexas in my home, even though there is an option to send it to all:

I have 8 Alexa devices in my home and, when I want a notification to all or several, I have to select individual notifications.

Since I don’t want it announced on all 12 Echos, I do it like this (water sensor):

  - service: notify.alexa_media
      message: There is a leak in the shower
        type: announce
      target: >-
        media_player.echo_office2, media_player.echo_wohnen1,
        media_player.echo_dining1, media_player.echo_reading,
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When sending notifications to Alexa devices that are grouped in the Alexa app (a.k.a “Whole Home Audio” or “Multi-Room Music” groups) you must include type: announce in the service data:


excellent !! well done
Thanks a lot @Didgeridrew

Do you need a Home Assistant Cloud account to get this working?
If so, is there an alternative that can be set up manually without HAC?

You do not need HA Cloud. Like all custom integrations, Alexa Media Player can be installed and managed manually… HACS just makes it easier.