Run automation by turning on/off smart lightbulb from power switch

Today I am feeling over engineering my smart home using smart displays and automation isn’t the most convenient way.
I currently have two automation I use constantly “leaving Home” and “I am back” and are triggered by geofencing or from tablet(away from the door) or voice commands.

How about going back old school and turning it these automations using a not smart light bulb switch next to the door?

Here is the situation
I have lifx lightbulb which i can cut the power off from the “not smart” switch next to the door.
Is there a way to run automations based on the status of this light bulb ?
Please let me know your thoughts or related material which will be helpful to me


  platform: state
  entity_id: light.your_lifx_light
  from: unavailable # for switch on

Use to: unavailable for switch off.

There will be a delay in home assistant finding/losing the device. Not sure how long it will be.


Thanks Tom for your prompt response…

Following a quick test it took about 30 seconds to run trigger when moving from unavailable to available and about ~2 minutes to run the trigger from on to unavailable

It would be perfect if the delay was shorter