Run automation every xx minutes

Hi. I would like to make automation which would run every xx minutes. Is it possible? How are automation triggered to run by default? Thanks.

Read the docs that @Tediore posted. Can you explain why you need to run it every xy minutes? I ask, because often there is a better way to do this instead of running something every xy minutes.

This automation will control heating water pump. It will start pump if any of selected thermostats will need to heat. I need to check thermostats needs every xx minutes. In have no idea if there is other way. If any of those thermostat is on HEAT state=turn pump on. If none is in heat state= turn pump off.

Use the time pattern trigger that Tediore posted and include a condition that at least one thermostat requires heat.

I would rather trigger on state change of the thermostats. Then make a service template to turn on if at least one of the pumps demands HEAT and turn off otherwise.