Run automation only once every 24h


I have made an automation to send me an e-mail once a humidity sensor is above 60.
This is working. But problem is that if sensors after 1 min goes back under 60 and than one minut later again above 60 I have everytime a new mail.

Now I want to receive only one mail every 24h. How can I program this?

This is the code I have that is working now.

alias: Notificatiemail luchtvochtigheid living boven 60%
description: Stuur een mail bij wanneer de luchtvochtigheid meer is dan 60%
  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.living_humidity_2
    above: 60
condition: []
  - service:
      message: >-
        De luchtvochtigheidsgraad in de living is gestegen boven de 60%.  De
        luchtbevochtiger uitzetten.
      title: Luchtvochtigheid living boven 60%
        - [email protected]
mode: single

Add the following Template Condition

condition: "{{ state_attr(this.entity_id, 'last_triggered') < today_at() }}"

The condition checks if the last time the automation executed its action was before the start of the current day.

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Perfect thanks!

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You’re welcome!

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I have another question. What is the last_triggered status when I want to run the automation only once per year?

Is this correct?
condition: “{{ state_attr(this.entity_id, ‘last_triggered’) < thisyear_at() }}”

Home Assistant’s template functions are documented here and there’s no function called thisyear_at().

I suggest you do this:

condition: "{{ state_attr(this.entity_id, 'last_triggered').year < now().year }}"

I’ve been thinking about this but that will not trigger the automation when it should be.

I want a notification on my phone to inform me the first time when the temperature goes below a certain point. So that I have to disconnect water outside to prevent the tubes gets frozen.
At my location that’s mostly in october or november.

But when I use to see if it has been triggered this year than I will have this notification in january. But than I already have disconnect the water and I will not receive a new notification september/oktober.

So the automation actually should only run once between september and january.
I hope it’s more clear now for what I’m making an automation.

I suggest you create a separate topic because your latest requirements are substantially different than the original ones.