Run bash script - new to HA

Hi, I’m really new to HA, I’ve installed it on my RPI4 (venv) just two days ago so I’m trying to understand how it works.
Keep in mind that I’m fairly new to home automation systems as I’ve only used Domoticz in the last tree weeks with a Sonoff Mini/Tasmota and to activate some led with the gpio pins.
I need a step by step guide to understand how to start a bash script from a simple button on the UI with precise indication on which file modify and why.
Thank you

You’ start by using the shell command integration to create a service. Here you edit configuration.yaml

Then you’ll write a script - scripts.yaml

The script should be visible in the UI automatically.

You’ll want to read this and the rest of that section at the very least.

Worked like a charm, thank you.