Run (Domoticz) Python scripts in HA

I am in the progress of migrating from Domoticz to Home Assistant for various reasons.
On Domotics I have a couple of (sometimes complex) Python (3.6) scripts. they include the lot: imports, classes, methods, file handling, json and more.
I am running Home Assistant OS on a RPi 4B and thus I can’t access the Linux OS nor the Linux file system to install Python and run my scripts.
the scripts are reading data from a Goodwe inverter, from a Zehnder ventilation unit etc. no integrations for these devices yet.
Although I browsed through the HA documentation I could not find something usefull to help me set up my Python programs under HA.
Is there any documentation how to run python scripts in HA.

I believe that OS is just a basic hypervisor for containers. Python & all the HA pieces run in Docker containers.

You could have a look at Appdaemon or pyscripts ?

thanks, this helps a lot

Interesting. the discussion between Pyscript and Appdeamon is not over yet. Because I can’t find Pysctipt as an add-on or an integration, I started with Appdeamon. And there I immediately encounter an interesting problem: I need some not standard libraries which are not included in the Appdeamon environment.
How do I add libraries like socat (sudo apt-get install socat) is not working in the terminal. and I don’t see any possibilites to do something like this within Appdeamon.

You can add them in the configuration of the addon