Run down timer/thermostat - multiple times multiple tempritures

I have home assistant running in a vm and a bunch of esp8266 boards running 1 wire temp sensors… those are all good

I have a machine I’d like to control via home assistant, it’s a dehydrating machine for dog treats… I’d like to be able to set times/temperatures/functions in home assistant… they’re not constant times/temperatures

so 40’c for 4 hours
then 50’c for 8 hours
then 60’c for 8 hours

there’s different times/temperatures for different things I’m drying… and there’s times something not quite dry so I want to run it for a few hours longer

I’ve googled my ass off… if there a way to have the user interface simple? there’s times it’ll be other people using it

I thought someone would have done this before, but I can’t find it :frowning: