Run in a Docker container? (Don't shoot me!)

I’ve been running Home Assistant on Raspberry Pis for a long time, but I’m looking at moving to something a little more Powerful.

I’ve recently started running things in Docker containers on a Mac mini (Sonnar, Jackett, Transmission, Plex etc.) and have been impressed with the ease of use/simplicity, so thought of running Home Assistant in a Docker container.

I like the idea of running for the easy snapshots and the addons that aren’t available in ‘regular Home Assistant’, but also read that running in Docker is basically ‘running a container in a container’ so not sure if it’s recommended or a good idea?

Alternatively, is there a way to run the ‘regular version of Home Assistant’ in Docker and also be able to use the addons produced for

What’s recommended for running on something other than a Raspberry Pi? (I was also considering getting an Intel NUC), or is there a way to install/use addons in the regular Home Assistant in a Docker container or VM?

You can run hassio on a Linux box with Docker. See for instructions.

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Add-ons are just other Docker containers. You can manually configure the entire thing with just plain old docker

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Ah, so it wouldn’t be a ‘big NO NO’ to run with Docker? Good to know, thanks!

I’m really new to trying Docker, so don’t actually know if Docker containers and VMs are basically the same thing or different, but it looks like a good reference to read up and get started :+1:t3: