Run notification script for 3 different devices from the same automation

Hello guys!

Im trying to send a notification to 3 diferent android devices with yes / no question to turn on a water heater.

What I was expecting to happen is, when someone answers “yes”, that script finishes, but the other 2 keep waiting for an answer.

However, when I can the 3 scripts from an automation (with script.turn_on) if just 1 person answers yes or no , all 3 scripts finish with the same answer at the same time.

I already tried to use parallel mode on each script but it still does the same.

The 3 actionable notification scripts are created with a blueprint.

Does anyone might know what is happening?

Thank you very much!

Do you mind sending a screenshot of the automation, and script?


This is the automation

And this is one of the script (they are exactly the same, but the device used for the notification changes:

Perhaps set a timeout on the notification. ?