Run official hassio add-on from a customised docker image

Hi, I’ve activated official influxdb addon. But I wanted to make certain changes to the addon container (installed ‘nano’ and disabled nginx logging). I saved those changes to the new docker image. Now, I want the Hassio UI to spin up my image rather than standard one (i.e. “hassioaddons/influxdb-amd64”). I’ve looked through the dev docs and it says that add-on config should be in the file ‘config.json’ under the add-on folder. But mine has no config.json:

root@ubuntu:/usr/share/hassio/addons/data/a0d7b954_influxdb# ls
chronograf.db  influxdb  kapacitor  options.json  secret

However, I was also been able to find addons.json in the main hassio folder. There was a full config for my addon in there. However, it seems like all my changes are overwritten when add-on and/or hassio are restared.

Second question is actually about add-on docker images. Would changing image name under the following config option

"image": "repo/{arch}-my-custom-addon"

be enough to spin up the same sort of add-on but saved to a different image name?