Run PHP scripts

Hello, noob question.
I need to run a PHP script to get/send data to home airconditioner.
How to do this?
I see “shell_command” but doesn’t have a php commad line onboard.
Any help?

convert your php script to a bash script?

PHP isn’t installed and shouldn’t be. :wink:

Thank you flamingm0e, but I can’t because the script makes ssl websocket connections and handles XML data. Too difficult, I think, to convert it into a bash script.

Maybe I can convert it into a REST service and install it on another linux server; then access it by HA rest_client…

Other solutions I’m missing?

You can use python :wink:

Anyone find the solution to run php script in hass?

Is there addon for hassio?

convert to a supported scripting language.

python or bash would be best.

Is there a php to python converter?

I highly doubt it.

If you dont need any fancy php extension, just google for a precompiled static arm php binary, scp it to your hassio, make it executable and you can use now your php scripts.

do you have a link to an amd64 version?

apk add php8=8.0.8-r0
this worked for me

Run this command via ssh using any SSH addon