Run service with Google Assistant?

So, I just figured out how to turn on my NVIDIA SHIELD TV and start Plex using an Home Assistant service:

How can I make it available through Google Assistant?

I’d like to say “Hey Google, movie time” and have it run the service.

create a scene?

Thanks, then how can I tell Google Assistant to run that scene? I don’t understand it from the component docs :frowning:

OK, Google, activate ‘scenename’

I see, thanks. I guess I can use the Google Assistant shortcuts to make the command nicer.

May you tell me how to run an event from a scene? I can’t seem to find it

Can’t you just call the shell_command in the scene? What do you need?

Yes I’d like to do that, I can’t find how…

shell_command.nameofshellcommand ?

You will have to use a little bit of imagination if what you want done has not been done EXACTLY the same as you want it…You just need to look at the different commands, components and options and figure it out.

So the setting would be:

  - name: Movie     


I’m asking because in the docs the only example is with switches and stuff that needs a ‘state’. Also, I don’t think shell_command is considered an entity…

Why don’t you try it and let us know how it goes? If that doesn’t work, try using command line switch, which shows up as a switch…

The only way to know for sure is to try it.

I’m trying already… the docs say it should support scripts as well, so I created a script that runs the event, ran the google_assistant.request_sync and then said “Activate Movie Time” but it doesn’t work…

The command line switch requires an on and off command, I don’t think it fits my needs.

Ok I got it working. I had to expose the script domain in the google assistant component. Now I can say “turn on movie time” and it will run the script.