Runaway storage

My first post :slight_smile:
I’d appreciate some help on this if I could. I have HA running inside a VirtualBox on a Window 11 PC.

Over the last 4 months I’ve been rapidly running out of space (about 5Gb per month) but cannot find the source of this massive increase. I’m currently running at 35Gb+ of disk usage even though the DB is showing only 256 Mb.

The only way I can continue running is to keep increasing the size of the VirtualBox disk allocation.

I have been through every file in every folder below but cannot find the source.

Any ideas on where else I should look?

I’m assuming it is a log I don’t know about or images/files from my Reolink cameras being stored somewhere not inside the folders below.


Use du -hs /path/* to see the size of each folder and work your way down.

And assuming you’re using HAOS, do not SSH to HA to do it unless you have port 22222 enabled. SSH over port 22 will be to an add-on, which is isolated from the host.

Instead either “show” the VM and do it there, or SSH using port 22222 (if you’ve enabled it).Alternatively, if you open a backup you can see the size of HA and each of the containers - that might point you in the right direction.

But first I’d be looking at how big the backup and media folders are. And my VM takes up about 50GB anyway - although mine is fairly stable.

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Thanks for your reply.
Your suggestion was a far more efficient way of looking for large files than my manual attempts.
Unfortunately it didn’t show anything that in any way gets near to the 35Gb I’m using.
I will keep researching and post any discoveries back here.

Hi Michael,

Still battling this one.
Just wondering what you mean when you say open up a backup and see the size of the containers. How do I do that? Do you mean look at the files in the backup folder?

Or is it an option on VirtualBox to look at containers in the backup. I can only see start, move, clone, etc?


The HA backups are stored as “.tar” files. If you open one of them with something like 7zip, you will see a list of gzipped tar files, one for each addon, like below. This will give you an idea of how big each is (keeping in mind they’ve been compressed). For me the biggest is MariaDB (HA is configured to use this for the database), which compressed is 1.2GB.

I was able to do that and it showed a total of about 165Mb. Still a small fraction of the 50Gb I now have in the VM.

I’ll keep looking.
Thanks again