Runing Home Assistant Supervised in LXC


At the moment I’m running Home Assistant in a LXC container via Python.
I noticed it was missing some features when following a tutorial.
I found out I was missing ‘Supervised’.

I then found [On Hold] Deprecating Home Assistant Supervised on generic Linux which threw me off.
I am unable to find any tutorial on the Home Assistant which explains how to install Home Assistant on Debian or Ubuntu without Docker or Python, so the ‘full’ Home Assistant Supervised.

Is anyone able to link me the tutorial for it, if there even is any?
I don’t like to run it on Docker as I already have LXC on my Intel NUC.

Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,

The supervised install uses docker, you can’t avoid that. All the add-on are just docker containers that have been slightly modified to integrate well into the HA environment. Take a look here for the different install methods.