Running 2 HA's each with own Zigbee hub

Hello all,
I have a quick question that I could do with some thoughts on.
Can I run two Home Assistant instances that each has their own Zigbee bridge? I wouold like to be able to do this for a temporary period of whilst I decide what works best for me.
I have a Pi4 with a Conbee II and have been given a half decent mini PC that I could that I would like to explore moving to, rather than go all in and move the Conbee II from the Pi, I was wondering if I could get a new Zigbee bridge for the PC and operate the 2 bridges together controlling the same devices.

I dont see why I cant, as a pir sensor for instance just sends a signal out when detecting motion which I presume I could be caught by 2 bridges, same thing sending a command to switch on a bulb, or would one turn it on and the other switch it off, although in saying that I am now thinking when I ask Google to do something which Assistant would my voice commands end up on or both?

I appreciate I may have to watch what I do with Automations etc as I run both side by side for a while as well.

Does anyone else have any thoughts or experiences?


If anyone has ideas of other projects for the Pi, let me know, I am thinking weather station that I can I hook in to HA.

You can run multiple HA installs.

You can have multiple Zigbee meshes.

You can’t have devices joined to more than one mesh at a time.

A Zigbee network can only contain one coordinator ( = hub, bridge, gateway, whatever vendors call it)

Works with 433 Mhz Pir sensors, as they only send out a signal and are not bound to a network. Does not work for Zigbee Pir sensors.

What does work is having Zigbee2mqtt with one stick, being controlled by 2 HA instances.