Running a flow with the "device" node in it

At first I was messing around with a door sensor and not having any luck with getting a notification sent to my phone that it was open. In debug I could see the event: state node successfully getting the state of the sensor and debug messages indicated as much, but I would never get the notification.

After getting annoyed having to get up to open and close the door, I figured Postman could help me with quick testing by creating an http in and http response and stick a device in between them. Weirdly I get a 502: Bad Gateway response. I take the device out from between them, and I get a 200.

I know the device node says experimental, but has anyone been able to get one to run?


Since there is not much else we can help you with that is all I can say.
Had you included some entity information, debugs logs, a flow, a picture then it would be easier to help, but now all I can say is yes.