Running an unsupported installation

I just noted the below under supervisor and the reason is * OS Agent … which is something i am not understanding.

Any help pls?

How did you install Home Assistant?

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You have 2 problems:

  • you did not install os-agent
  • you are still running buster. Debian bullseye was released beginning August, there was 4 months deprecation time, so time is running out. In a few weeks buster is unsupported.

Edit: relevant blog-post

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Hi Francis, thanks for your feedback.
my install is around 1.5years old. I installed debian 10, then installed HA supervised.
Could it be because I am still on Debian 10?

How can I install os-agent?

You can find the installation instructions for OS Agent in its GitHub repository.

See this post:

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Where credits go to: Installing Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi using Debian 12 - #387 by Tamsy


Let’s stop this fight, we are here to help. You got part of it from me:

And yes, you deserve credit for that nicely written post.

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thanks to all :slightly_smiling_face:
really appreciated!