Running appdaemon in window 10

I already installed appdaemon on window 10 successful but I don’t know how to start it?
Anyone can help me?

i always started it with

python3 the_path_to_appdaemon\ -c the_path_to_the_config

Hi Rene!

When I run then getting errorrun appdaemon from cmd

Sorry, this is result:error

i think its my bad memory :wink:

i think it is:

python3 appdaemon -c path_to_configfile

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Thanks! but it’s not working for me :disappointed_relieved:

how did you install?
did you check if the directories are on the place where you suspect them?
what error are you getting now?

i thought i had deleted my old system but the command i had in my batfile was :slight_smile:

appdaemon -c C:\Users\rene\appdaemon-master\conf

so without python3

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Thank you! I have found my fault. Python environment is 3.4.4 so i remove older version and it’s working now!

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Can you tell me how to install appdaemon in windows 10 properly?

I installed it with pip3 install appdaemon.
But I get ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pwd' error when I run appdaemon -c C:\Users\dushan\AppData\Roaming\.homeassistant\conf

Tried installing appdaemon-4.0.0b2. And that gave a new error ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'fcntl'

we havent had contact with someone who install on windows for a long time now.
so its possible that some libs are not included.

if you got an error like
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘any name’

you can always try to install those libs by using
pip3 install ‘any name’

so you need to install pwd for AD3 or fcntl for AD 4

but i hope you dont try to install appdaemon in the same environment as you have home assistant installed?
because you will definitly run into trouble in that case.

Thank you for the tip.

Can you explain me how to check this?

but i hope you dont try to install appdaemon in the same environment as you have home assistant installed?

I don’t have a RaspberryPie. But I had a laptop which I don’t use anymore. That’s why I installed HA on it.

if you didnt create any venv before you installed appdaemon, you are probably trying to install appdaemon in the same venv as HA.

but i only did use windows to install appdaemon in the early days, and i never tried to create a venv, nor do i know if its available on windows (allthough i suspect it does)

python venv is a program that helps you keep things seperate.
see it like this:
python uses like windows all kind of libraries.
when you install python and then use pip to install a program (like HA or AD) you also install the libraries that are needed.
now you install 2 programs and one needs library A version 1.1 and the other needs library A but version 1.5
you can install the same library only once. so or program 1 or program 2 has the wrong library.

thats why we use venvs, it creates a virtual environment (which is nothing more then a directory)
so you run AD in 1 venv and HA in another. and they act like they are installed in different python environments.

i googled for “python venv windows 10” and the first i found is this tutorial

i dont know if it is any good, but its a start in how to use venvs.

i am afraid that you first need to create venvs and then reinstall HA and AD.

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Thank you so much for that great explanation.

Installed appdaemon on a different environment now.

your welcome.
did you have no problems with the installation this time?

Installation was a success thanks to you. No compatibility issues this time. And found a solution for fcntl over here.

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