Running atvremote via SSH on HASSIO, possible?

I’ve wanting to configure my HASS not to start my ATV’s so I need to use the atvremote command to get the login id for the ATV. How do I do this within HASSIO?

Due to HASSIO running in a sandbox via SHH I can’t run the required command to get the info I need. Is there an ‘add-on’ to do this?


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Same problem over here I can’t run any command via shh to install things.

You don’t have to anymore, there’s a scan service in HA that does the same thing and presents all devices as a persistent notification in the web ui.

Thanks for the heads up but I’m not seeing that option under services.

Right, the component must be loaded first. Try adding apple_tv: to your configuration (nothing else), restart and then it should show up.

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