Running ESXi 6.7 - Updated to newest HA OS - Cannot boot

Hi all,

I have an interesting issue I ran into today. I am running HA in a VM in ESXi 6.7 and have been for a while with no issues. I’ve kept the OS and Supervisor up to date with the last update being last week or the week prior.

Today, I updated the OS and ESXi straight up cannot find anything to boot. It sees the hard drive through the virtual IDE, but does not boot anything. I’ve rebooted the ESXi server and the issue is the same.

I always take snapshots before updates, but this time I brain farted and simply deleted my old snapshot without taking a new one.

Has anyone else has this issue now or in the past? Any and all thoughts are appreciated and welcome. I have made a considerable amount of changes since my last full system backups (lesson learned the hard way).

I know this isn’t particularly helpful, but I have no issues on ESXi 6.0.0

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Hey all,
For anyone who stumbles upon this with the same issue I was not able to find nor come up with a solution. I ended up starting over with a fresh installation and old, stale snapshots. Lesson learned for forgetting to take the ESXi snapshot first.

I am facing the exact issue right now as well. Not going to lie, I’m pretty disappointed that there hasn’t been a resolution for this. I too had a memory lapse and didn’t take a snapshot. I’ve ran the vmkfs tools checker against the vmdk file and it says there aren’t any issues. But I’m presented with the boot manager when I tried to start the VM because loading from the vmdk file was unsuccessful.

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I ended up using the Samba Backup add on to create backups automatically. This was if HA need to be installed from scratch it can be easily restored.

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