Running HA and displaying it on the same device

Hi all, please excuse me but I am very new to this and am just getting a feel for what I would like and how I might go about it.

Basically, I would like to run Home Assistant on a raspberry pi 4 and also display the dashboard on a 7" touchscreen attached to it. I plan to use add-ons, in particular I want to use the ESPHome add-on, and so from the documentation I believe I need to use either Home Assistant OS or a Home Assistant Supervised installation.

From what I can see there is no way that I can display the dashboard using the OS, but I don’t know whether I’m capable of maintaining a supervised installation myself (it’s made out to be only for pros in the documentation).

Can anyone offer me any advice on this?

Home assistant supervised is the only one that will allow you to use addons and have a local display.

Would you recommend that for a new user though? The documentation makes it out to be a very daunting task!

Makes no difference. It’s still your only option for those two requirements.

Your other options are:

  • Use a second device for display. Anything that can run a web browser, e.g. a pi3.

  • HA container install - you get no addons but if you know Docker you can run all the apps that have been added as addons.