Running HA + C9 + MQTT on docker - Synology & NGINX


Up until now I’m running my setup on a pi using Hassbian
I’m considering moving HA & all related components to a newly-bought Synology DS918+

Since this world is relatively new to me it’s not quite clear what is the order of things I should do in order to lower the downtime to a minimum, given that there will be issues along the way

More formally :

  1. Let’s Encrypt docker container - where does it store the cert files I need ? should they be mounted to a storage that could be accessed by other containers, (i.e., - HomeAssistant, Mosquitto, etc) or does NGINX handle this ?
  2. Currently Mosquitto is running on the pi’s host so it has access to the SSL certs and it points there, how should it be handled in the new proposed setup ?
  3. Cloud9 - anyone with experience configuring this container that could share the configuration made and whether the HA config directory was shared with C9 ? (I assume it was) if so - how was it done ?

I’d be glad to have suggestions from anyone experienced in this