Running HA on cubox

Have dug out an old Cubox i4-Pro and was wondering if anyone had successfully used one of these to run HA or
Have seen a couple of posts suggesting they can but am new to HA so looking for a steer on where to start?

Hoping someone might be able to help, thanks in advance.

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Hello, maybe very too late. But I installed Home assistant on a clean cubox i4x4 with armbinan using armbian-config. There is a 3rd party installation menu which installs home assistant in a docker.

I may be even later! I also have an old 4x4… I was under the impression that 8 GB is a little too lean for HA, how did you handle this?

I just installed it and it has been running smooth for a year.
I used a 32gb sd card with approx 10 gb used.