Running multiple dashboards showing cameras results in slowing down camera frame rate, and full ha failure

Short version: Is it expected that the more dashboards you have showing camera streams, the slower the frame rate of the camera becomes?

Detail: I’ve just discovered that the cause of my cameras displaying with refresh rates of just 1 frame every few seconds, relates directly to the number of dashboards on and running a UI that displays HA I’ve found the same thing regardless fo whether each dashboard is HomeHabit or Lovelace). With a single dashboard displaying 2 or 3 different cameras (Foscam and generic) and camera streams set to live, I see multiple frames a second. Add in just 1 more dashboard and it drops to 1 frame every 2 to 3 seconds. The effect is instant, and reversible. Close the dashboard app on my phone, the 1 remaining dashboard returns to better than 1 frame a second. Open it again, I see both dashboards immediately fgo to 2-3 seconds per frame again. I have seen it drop to much slower with more dashboards showing.

I have now moved all camera views to 1 frame a second, which with 2 dashboards actually displays at about 2 seconds per frame. Sadly adding a 3rd dashboard sees this drop to 3 seconds a frame for each dashboard, so there is still an affect from adding dashboards :frowning:
Interestingly I added a 4th and it went to 4 seconds per frame on each display. Its almost suspicious that its so consistent - like maybe a bug in how it handles the 1 frame a second request - probably just coincidence and wishful thinking though.

I would just like to understand if this is expected behaviour? Also, is there anything else I can do to fix or mitigate this please?

I have also noticed that since buying an extra dashboard, and keeping 3+ dashboards running at all times, I have found HA becomes unresponsive after just a few hours, requiring a restart of ha to fix the problem. I wonder if this too was due to overworking HA. I really help my work around resolves this too.

Funny I’ve ran multiple Google hubs and tablets that all display live cams for quite awhile now and never had an issue. I just started seeing really slow loading ui and saying card tools is missing for a second then loading correctly. I wonder if it’s 108.2…what version you on

Hass --version returns: 0.108.3

Yea I actually have 108.3 as well.

I just rebooted my neywork, and my server. I have a Dell r720 that runs esx and I haven’t rebooted it in months. It seemed to fix my issue, things are loading correctly and fast again.

Sorry I know that’s not much help but you should try the same if you haven’t.

Thanks for the reply.
Sadly as part of the recent dashboard install all the power has been off so everything has already had a couple of restarts, and the problem is still present, and if anything worse now. Only managing an hour or so before all dashboards report they cannot connect to ha server any more.

I’m running ha on mac if it makes a difference.

This seems to be worse now - its failing after just an hour or so, and nothing then works- I cant even bring up the ui on 8123. Given I dont seem to have an easy way to install the cli on mac, I therefore have to reboot the whole Mac everytime.

I’m trying going back to some older versions, given I did as part of investigating the original camera issue reinstall, which picked up a newer version. Hopefully just a bug in a newer version. Trying 0.108.0 for now. Will try 0.107.7 next, as I suspect thats what got installed 2 weeks ago when I first installed…

I guess I raise a bug or new forum post dedicated to this too.

If you view camera in HA, HA will process video stream.(my guess)

If this is true then display of cameras on multiple dashboard at once may eat memory and cpu. This can impact hardware.

If only occur after upgrade, maybe it is issue but if you recently begin using this way and notice impact maybe try shutting down some dashboard or removing camera from dashboard and see if have some impact.

Are camera live view always or just image update/click to live view?

Thanks for the reply. Used to be all live (2 dashboards all the time, some others occasionally), and had no crashing issue, but cameras were slow to refresh frames. Changed to 1 second yesterday (at client side - HomeHabit. Cant see any settings in my Foscam or Generic camera config). Added a third permanent dashboard yesterday, and while trying to resolve slow camera issue I reinstalled ha, which clearly got a newer version.

Ran fine overnight on 0.108.0. Raised: for issue in 0.108.1, .2 or .3

Still leaves the question of whether it is expected that each extra dashboard results in camera frame rate getting slower and slower?

Also, I’m running on a mac mini, how would a raspberry pi cope?