Running Multiple Occusim's possible?

Been using Occusim for years but never found a way to run parts of the simulation (the morning routine) only when sunset is earlier then wake up time (which is around 7-8 AM).

As I can’t set conditions in Occusim (only if a boolean is on) I was thinking of splitting Occusim in two parts; One always runs the part of the simulation that should always run if holiday mode is on, and another Occusim (running the morning routine) that is activated when vacation is ‘on’ AND when sunset is earlier then wake up time (easy to manage with a Boolean)

Can I have 2 ‘Occusim’ apps running in paralel?

No reason why not - they are just apps. They wouldn’t know about each other and you would need to make sure they didn’t fight each other but you could probably manage that nicely with app level constraints.